Oddly Satisfying™ Pocket Crunchy

What is a Pocket Crunchy?

Crunch time is Any Time, Crunch, Relax, Repeat!

The Oddly Satisfying™ Pocket Crunchy is the very first ASMR sand toy of its kind! It incorporates one of the most common ASMR tingles - the sound of crunching sand. The Pocket Crunchy is a small, hand-held, portable, and mess-free device designed to create that soothing crunchy sound that so many of us in the ASMR community enjoy. Inside the Pocket Crunchy is a colorful sand reservoir with an interior spring that rebounds the dome for repetitive sand crunching and grinding. On the outside is a clear flexible dome that keeps the sand contained for mess-free sand crunching play. Hold the Pocket Crunchy in your hand and push down on the dome to make a crunchy sound. Roll the dome around under your thumb to grind the sand. Available in 3 designs, the Oddly Satisfying™ Pocket Crunchy is sure to relax and relieve stress by engaging both the senses of touch and sound.

Why the Pocket Crunchy?

If you have ever scrolled through ASMR videos on social media, you’re familiar with the sand-crunching set up: a cutting board and a knife. It’s awesome, but also messy and inconvenient. The Oddly Satisfying™ Pocket Crunchy is a small, hand-held, portable and mess-free device that creates that same soothing crunchy sound that so many in the ASMR community enjoy. The Pocket Crunchy is also great for adults with anxiety, attention issues, and stress who find gentle crunching sounds relaxing.

The Pocket Crunchy is...

Fun & relaxing
Soothing & Oddly Satisfying™ 
Portable & mess-free

Ideal for...

Members of the ASMR community
Adults with anxiety, attention issues or stress
Anyone who finds gentle crunching sounds relaxing