Oddly Satisfying™ ASMR Aromatherapy Sand: CITRUS Scented

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Oddly Satisfying™ ASMR Aromatherapy Sand is one of the most popular ASMR products utilized in countless ASMR videos. Not only is the use of this sand visually appealing, it stimulates one of the most common ASMR tingles as it is handled in multiple ways. Slice it, pull it, shape it, squeeze it, mold it, pour it. Our ASMR Aromatherapy Sand feels like no other sensory material out there. Available in 3 pleasing scents and complementary colors – yellow (lemon), orange (citrus) and red (strawberry) – Oddly Satisfying™ ASMR Aromatherapy Sand is sure to give you the ultimate ASMR experience by engaging the senses of sight, smell, touch and sound all at once. Run your hands through it and feel your stress melt away.

Oddly Satisfying™ ASMR Aromatherapy Sand is non-toxic, safe and clean to use as it does not stick to any materials other than itself. It looks, feels and sticks together like wet sand...but it’s completely dry - perfect for creating mess-free creations. Oddly Satisfying™ ASMR Aromatherapy Sand comes in a convenient portable container for mess-free storage and travel.

Mesmerizing to work with, Oddly Satisfying™ ASMR Aromatherapy Sand is an obsession...

Product Description

Includes: 1⁄4 lb. (4 oz.) of play sand
Color: Orange
Features: Scented, Stretchable, Tearable, Soft Texture
Materials: Non-toxic. Never dries out!
Ages: 3+
Warning: Choking hazard. Contains small parts. Do not ingest.

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