Oddly Satisfying™ T-Shirts and More!

Oddly Satisfying™ ASMR products has teamed up with Stay Dazed Clothing brand to offer some exclusive designs. Ranging from Shirts, tanks and sweatshirts we have everything you need to get comfy during your recordings.

What does “Stay Dazed” mean?

It’s that moment your feet hit the sand.
It’s the moment of your first kiss.
It’s the moment the air changes and you breathe deeper.
It’s the moment of completion.

The moment you feel like you.

Within those moments your mind escapes and you feel everything is right as you let yourself get lost in the moment. These feelings tend to escape us as we grow older and the Stay Dazed Clothing Co is here to remind you to stop, and make that moment last. Using soft, breathable materials Stay Dazed Clothing Co. wants to help you reach higher while staying comfortable and relaxed as you create and find yourself.